Fax is received into your email just like email message
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Receive Fax in Email




Fax007 is a convenient electronic fax service, we will provide you with a direct fax number to receive fax.  No need to change or modify any program in your computer and received faxes will directly deliver to your registered e-mail address.  Received fax just like the same you are receiving email. 



From now on, no matter where you are; you can using e-mail to receive, send, store, print, forward fax.


Steps to receive fax in your e-mail:

  • Open your email

  • When you see Inbox has From item with "AbbaFax" message, it indicates you receive a fax

  • Fax document is delivered as email message and is embedded into email body.  You can directly view the fax without open any attachment.