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Choose your own area code fax number     You can choose your own desired location fax number to receive fax from your clients.   Fax number available in worldwide locations!  (all fax numbers are direct local numbers similar to the one you have at home)

Fax by Email     Send and receive faxes from your existing email account.

Most variety of received fax format     Received fax not only can choice to attach in email as TIF, PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP (most abundance in fax industrial) but also able to directly embed in email message body displays as email content without require to open attachment or download (unique in fax industrial).

Receive Fax from 3 Email Addresses     Flexible for you to configure to receive from up to 3 addresses

Works with any Fax Machine     Capability to send faxes to any fax machine.  All your incoming faxes forward direct to your email Inbox.

Add Cover Pages     Powerful fax command for you to send with or without cover page on the fly.

Faxes stored without limitation and all control by you     Faxes are stored in your email account with all control in your finger.

Send fax retry      Failure fax transmissions will auto retry twice.

Preview feature   Let you selectively view the fax before send so you can assure "what you see is what you fax" for important faxes.

Fax delivery Report   Fax transmission result will email to your email account after all attempts.  The report is attached with fax copy so you view exactly how the fax looks like.

All Email Account Integration capability     No matter you are using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Express, any Email or any Public email client such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL or any others, you can easily send through your email account.

Support all-language documents and supports fax attach the most Document Types    Powerful Fax007 supports all language documents and supports fax to attach ALL Microsoft Office documents, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher,  PDF, TIFF, Html, GIF, JPG…etc. from your email account.

Email and fax simultaneous to Multiple Recipients   Send your fax and email at once to multiple recipients.

Mobile wireless Faxing, work with any handheld device    Send and receive faxes through your email account. Works with any handheld device. Blackberry™, Palm Treo™, any device whenever you can open your email account.  (IF you are received fax to handheld device, you should select PDF and unselect Embed feature.  Most PDA supports PDF only).

Keep all faxes Private      Incoming and outgoing faxes all keep in your private email account.

Always On      Always on to receive faxes no matter your computer is on or off.

Save a lot expenses     No fax machine, no paper, no phone line, no fax toners

Start Faxing Right Away!    No software, no hardware, no learning.  Just ready to use.


*Worldwide fax numbers available from Fax007 ! Choose your select cities online!